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BHT was established in 2016 in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia article 1960. BHT also opened its branch office in Djibouti in 2018.

Objectives of banehus

BHT is a well-organized with staff members who have educational qualification in different business disciplines and with wide work experience in different business areas, with hard work & motivation. Our company is licensed by the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia ministry of trade and by the Ministry of Budget, Import Directorate of Djibouti to:

  • Import Trade in Machinery, Equipment and Supplies with worldwide known manufacturers.
  • Electro Mechanical Works
  • Supplying Educational & Industrial Materials
  • Oil and lubricant distribution and etc

BHT markets one of the world’s leading Pump brand Grundfos, and also distributes high quality equipment sourced from a number of industry leading companies from around the world ranging from Europe, South America, and the Far East.  Recognizing that the provision of efficient water supply is essential for the region’s economic development, BHT is also committed to playing a major role in this vital industry by offering a comprehensive and competitive product range with availability and unrivalled technical and service support in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

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