Objectives of banehus

BHT is a well-organized with staff members who have educational qualification in different business disciplines and with wide work experience in different business areas, with hard work & motivation. Our company is licensed by the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia ministry of trade and by the Ministry of Budget, Import Directorate of Djibouti to:

  • Import Trade in Machinery, Equipment and Supplies with worldwide known manufacturers.
  • Electro Mechanical Works
  • Supplying Educational & Industrial Materials
  • Oil and lubricant distribution and etc.

to serving you

Banehus Trading PLC. (BHT) was established in 2016 in accordance with the commercial code of Ethiopia article 1960. BHT also opened its branch office in Djibouti in 2018.

We are genuinely client focused and continually seeking improvements in our products. We are determined to success & draw inspiration from challenges. Our philosophy is provision of value adding solutions in the water sector, construction sector and to any higher institutions plus to give all our customers timely and cost effective services.

Our company also provides professional service; all of our staffs are highly trained and have many years of experience & are always available for all our customers’ queries and requests.

For any queries please contact our Head Office in Ethiopia or Djibouti.

Legality and Profile

We are highly capable to effectively and professionally manage huge contracts at International level. We have the following dedicated teams that are directly responsible to manage and handle such operations at International level.

The Company attracts, maintains and develops competent and capable experts that continually strive to delight its customers. The company gives due attention to develop and maintain effective workforce who possess essential skills and abilities.

The company also maintains an organization structure that ensures accountability, innovation, creativity and risk-taking contribution to the attainment of overall company objectives. Diversity and inclusiveness is at the center of the Human Resource Management philosophy of the company that promotes an environment in which positive and forward-looking ideas flourish.

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